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With Many Praises, Our Education Centre Is One Of The Most Impressive Ones In Singapore


A LEVEL - U To A Grade In 6 Months

"When I Didn’t Believe In Myself, He Did. When I Didn’t Think I Could Improve, He Made Sure I Believed I Could!"

Megha, A Level Chemistry, SAJC 

Mr Aw was one of the best or perhaps the best tutors I have ever had in my academic life. Not only was he patient with his teaching methods, he incorporated very innovative, study friendly methods to effectively drill me with the crucial chemistry concepts.

He always went that extra mile to create mindmaps, combine notes from all different schools and personalize them to fit the student’s learning style and even spare that extra 30 mins or one hour in order to ensure that the lesson reached its completion. Apart from the academic aspect, he was one of the most inspiring and encouraging tutors I have ever had.

When I didn’t believe in myself, he did. When I didn’t think I could improve, he made sure I believed I could. He was really the sort of teacher that didn’t just make sure you completed assignments on time but also instilled within me the motivation to excel.

Moreover, he was always there no matter what time, to help me in clarifying my doubts be it lesson time or via text. He was truly devoted to teaching chemistry. I am so glad that I was blessed with a tutor like Mr Aw.


O LEVEL - C5 To A1 In Exam

"Classes With Him Was Always Extremely Fun And Enjoyable As Well As Extremely Enriching!"

Isabel Joy Kua, O Level Chemistry, TKGS

Since Secondary Three my Chemistry was never too good. I failed Chemistry twice in Sec Three(2015) and got C5 for the other two exams. Last year(2016), I decided to join two of my other friends for Mr Aw’s group Chemistry tuition after getting a C5 for my CA1.

Joining this tuition was a wonderful decision as classes with Mr Aw was always extremely fun and enjoyable as well as extremely enriching. I always left class with more understanding of the Chemistry concepts and answers to my questions. Soon enough, my chemistry grades improved to a B4 for Mid Years, a B3 for Prelims and then an A1 for O Levels.

Mr Aw is a very patient tutor, never failing to answer our countless questions as well as encourage us when we didn’t do well for tests. His positive spirit motivates us to pick ourselves up after each failure and to go forward toward success. I would definitely recommend Mr Aw as a chemistry tutor!

boon shuan

A LEVELNot Only Wishes The Best For His Students, But Takes The More Than Required Action In Effort To Help Students Achieve Their Desired Grades

"Well-Equipped With The Strong Analytical-Thinking Skill Set That The Subject Demands!"

Boon Shuan, A Level Chemistry, YJC

Mr Aw truly epitomises the virtue of selflessness – he is always willing to to rearrange tuition sessions to accommodate his students schedule, despite his own busy schedule, and puts his students as his first priority.

He is a dedicated and passionate teacher who not only wishes the best for his students, but takes the more than required action in effort to help students achieve their desired grades – he himself possesses the professional knowledge in chemistry and is well-equipped with the strong analytical-thinking skill set that the subject demands, and is hence well-qualified to teach the subject.

He goes the extra mile; taking the liberty to mentor and advice his students on essential matters outside academics. His faith in his students potential is unwavering and believes that each student can succeed – in studies and in life.


O LEVEL -During Lesson, He Would Go Through Topics That I Am Weak At And Find Ways To Help Me Grasp The Concept

"He Uses Interactive Ways To Teach By Giving Examples And Using Videos To Help Me Get A Clearer Picture!"

Issac, O Level Chemistry, Kranji Sec

For the past few years, Mr Aw has taught me for the subjects physics, Maths and chemistry. I have improved greatly for all my subjects as he makes sure I understand the topics fully, he also makes the topic easy to understand by making his own concise notes.

I have improved from his lessons as I was struggling with physics and mathematics during lower Sec. After 2-3 years of his guidance I was able to get A1 for both my mathematics and combined science (phy,chem). During lesson, he would go through topics that I am weak at and find ways to help me grasp the concept, he uses interactive ways to teach by giving examples and using videos to help me get a clearer picture.

He helped me in math by teaching me how to make my own notes which is specifically so I could understand it. He prepares test papers to check if I fully understood the concept. He is friendly and encouraging which motivates me to study. He also explains things in detail so as to make the topic understandable and managable.

He makes lessons interesting and genuinely cares for his students. Outside lessons, I can approach him with any queries or doubts I have with my work and he would advice me accordingly.



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