Chemistry Video Lessons

Having trouble catching up with lessons in class? Need to refresh concepts? Fret no more as the Interactive Video Lessons (IVL) have been specifically catered for you.

The IVL have been structured to reinforce the fundamental chemistry concepts. The IVL aids in the accelerated learning of complex concepts in just 20 days. Teachers will monitor each session and assessments will be conducted to track the students learning progress. IVL is a revolutionary concept and a pioneering effort of The Chemistry Academy.

Want to understand Chemistry concepts in mere minutes? Enroll now to watch our Video Lessons and experience the effectiveness of IVL yourself.

Sample Video Lessons

A Level (Chemical Equilibrium)

01. Concept of kc
02. Worked Example 1
03. Worked Example 2

O Level (Separation Techniques)

01. Concept 1
02. Check Point Qn 1
03. Check Point Qn 2
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