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IB Physics Tuition Mastery I-Class Excellence Framework

 How Our IB Physics Students Scored Grade Point '7' In IB Physics Exams In 3 - 6 Months

IB Physics Tuition Interactive Video Lessons

Watch Our Video Lesson Before Each Weekly Tuition Class To Learn & Gain Understanding, Then Clarify With Our IB Physics Tutors.

Mr. 'IB Physics' Brain Online Assessment

Intensive Mastery Practice With   Increasing Difficulties In IB Physics Exams With Our Huge 10,000-Strong Online Question Bank.

IB Physics Tuition

Achieve In-Depth Understanding In IB Physics, Learn Critical Skills & Adept Applications Of Concepts To Exams & Life.

Physics Bible [IB Physics]

Study Our 'Holy' Physics Bible, Master It & Secure Up To 30 Marks In Paper 2 & 3! *Highly Applicable In IB Physics ExamQuestions! 

IB Physics Mastery Drill Practices

Continue To Hone Your Understanding Of IB Physics KnowledgeWith Our In-House Practices With Increasing Difficulties.

Performance Review

Identify & Focus On Areas for Improvement, Monitor Learning Progress To Achieve Grade Point '7' for IB Physics Exams.

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Scored A “7” For The Physics HL IBDP, Jishnu, GIIS: "His Famous Phrase Goes Like This:  I Expect You To Get At Least A Grade 7 In Your Exam, No Less!"

I was a weak student and was desperately looking for a tutor to teach me IB Physics so that I can secure a good grade in the Physics IB examinations. My parents were avidly looking for an IB physics tutor when we were recommended, Mr Ram. IB tutors are just very hard to find and we are just thankful that we found him.

He is a very passionate teacher and he wants to pass on as much knowledge as he can to me.He challenges me to think at a higher level in each lesson. He demands more than the ability to comprehend and regurgitate the fundamentals. Sometimes, he would scold me for just plain memorizing without understanding. Of course, it is for my own good. It has helped me to think critically and creatively.

Mr Ram’s standards and expectations are very high. His famous phrase goes like this, “I expect you to get at least a grade 7 in your exam, no less”. He believes in teaching everything by challenging and trying to prove the concept wrong so that I can understand it to the best without leaving any stone unturned. I have now scored a “7” for the Physics HL IBDP, and I must attribute this success to him. Thank you Sir.

Acing IB Physics Isn't Difficult, Seriously

Scoring a Grade 7-Point In IB Physics Doesn't Have To Be This Hard Once You Are Able To Master & Apply All 130 IB Physics Concepts In Answering Questions. To achieve that, you need a tutor who is Familiar with the IB Physics Curriculum & syllabus to equip you with the Right Knowledge, tools

& more importantly, the right Study Strategies! There Aren't Many Tutors Who Are Familiar & Versed In The IB Physics Syllabus With Proven Study Strategies. So Enrol With Us, Experience That Breakthrough In Your IB Physics Exams & Get That Grade 7.

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'ZERO-TO-HERO' O Level Physics Mastery I-Classes Details

IB Year 3

Bukit Batok

Fri: 730pm - 930pm

Sun: 2pm - 4pm



Sat: 430pm - 630pm

Sun: 2pm - 4pm


IB Year 4

Bukit Batok

Fri: 530pm - 730pm

Sun: 9am - 11am


Tues: 730pm - 930pm

Sat: 9am - 11am

Sun: 9am - 11am

IB Year 5

Bukit Batok

Sat: 7pm - 9pm



Thurs: 730pm - 930pm

Sun: 5pm - 7pm

IB Year 6

Bukit Batok

Mon: 730pm - 930pm

Sat: 5pm - 7pm


Fri: 730pm - 930pm

Sun: 7pm - 9pm


"If You're My Student, I Expect You To Get At Least A 'Grade 7' In Your IB Physics Exam, NO LESS!"


Baraath Ram,

IB Physics Tuition [Year 5 - 6] Master Tutor

JC Physics Tuition & Education Specialist [H1 / H2 / H3 Physics]

What Is IB Physics?

What Physics At International Baccalaureate [IB] Level is All About


IB Physics [also known as International Baccalaureate [IB] Physics] is one of the core Science subjects [Group 4 – Experimental Sciences] under the IB School Curriculum. When studying Physics at International Baccalaureate level, syllabus content is covered much more in-depth as compared to mainstream O Level Physics & A Level Physics. At the same time, there’s the introduction of certain new topics covered, which are particularly unique to the IB Physics syllabus.

IB Physics Students hence learn more & are tested heavily on understanding &applying Physics Concepts at Higher-Order thinking level; in explaining & making sense of Real Life Phenomena. In conjunction with Learning & Hands-on Physics experimentations. Students are required to think structurally & creatively & question in-depth, intricate applications of IB Physics, complete projects & integrate learnings into Real-Life Problem Solving.


In Singapore, IB Physics students are also given the golden opportunity to network & collaborate extensively with prestigious universities such as NUS, NTU, & be a part of larger-scale Physics projects that could impact the lives of millions of people. This serves as an excellent portfolio for the IB student, which enables for a competitive advantage if they were to seek careers in Science-related fields.

Learning IB Physics equips students with critical soft skills such as analytical thinking, creative problem solving etc. As students progress through each topic / theme, they are required to combine Physics learnings with these Soft Skills in developing that rock-solid foundation to do well in the subject. At the end of the curriculum, students are required to submit a major project on IB Physics & complete an examination.


Though one of the tougher core IB Level Group 4 subjects [Experimental Science], Students can expect to reap lasting rewards from excelling & doing well in IB Physics. They can able use the subject as one of their strengths to enter both prestigious universities of their choice, locally & overseas, qualifying themselves to more study options e.g. Science Subjects [Physics, Chemistry, Biology], Computer Science & Engineering courses.

This would in turn, lead up to a good career Head-Start for IB Physics students seeking careers in Science, Space-Related & Engineering fields etc. This is especially useful for students who wish to further their studies & develop themselves abroad.

Even though IB students may not wish to pursue careers in Physics or other Science-related fields, the knowledge, practical skills & other intangibles, gleaned from the journey of learning IB Physics, are transferrable skills which are highly applicable in e.g. higher-order problem–solving & overcoming life challenges, no matter what life stage they are at.

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