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Interactive Video Learning

Understand the Concepts & Calculations Covered In IP Physics Via Our Interactive Videos. By IP Physics Tutor Bryan Lai.

IP Physics Tuition

Enhance Understanding of IP Physics Topic By Asking Questions & Clarifying All Doubts With IP Physics Tutor Bryan Lai.

Mr. "IP Physics" Brain

Test Your Knowledge & Understanding of IP Physics By Challenging Our In-House Online Assessment System

Mastery Drill Practices

Hone Your Skills & Understanding In IP Physics With Our Carefully Crafted Practices Ace Your Exams Quickly.

Holy 'IP Physics' Bible

Learn The Correct Keywords & Answering Strategies & Secure Yourself An Easy 30 - 40 Marks In the IP Physics Exams.

Targeted Improvement

Improve Understanding in Weaker Areas, Achieve Mastery & See How Prepared You Are For the Actual IP Physics Exams.


Gained GPA 3.6 In IP Year 4 Exam

"He Motivated His Students Through His Lively And Interactive Teaching Methods."


I must thank Mr Lai for developing my interest in Physics and now I love the subject. He motivated his students through his lively and interactive teaching methods. Mr Lai encourages his students to clear their doubts whenever they want to and even stay back after class to help his students.


He teaches in a way such that all students can easily understand and repeats key concepts so that we would not forget them. He gives lot of practical exercises exposing the students to different type of questions. I got a grade point average of 3.6 for my Year 4 exam, thanks to Mr Lai.


Priyadarahini, IP Physics, RGS


Obtained GPA 4.0 In IP Year 4 Physics Exam In Just Few Months!

"Another Thing I Like About The Tuition Class Is That Each Individual Student Gets Specialized Attention!"


After coming for tuition, I was better able to appreciate Physics as a discipline in science. I was also able to better appreciate the theories and concepts. Most importantly, I developed a genuine interest in Physics and I was excited to learn and explore more. This interest spurred me on to work harder and excel in school assessments. My GPA improved from 3.2 to 4.0!


Mr. Lai is ready and willing to go the extra mile to help every student to do their level best in assessments be it providing structured practices for students who have the potential to do better or challenging students who already have a good grasp of the topics.


Aishwarya, IP Physics

IP Physics Tuition Class Schedule

IP Year 3

Bukit Batok

Fri: 730pm - 830pm

Sun: 2pm - 4pm



Sat: 430pm - 630pm

Sun: 2pm - 4pm


IP Year 4

Bukit Batok

Fri: 530pm - 730pm

Sun: 9am - 11am


Tues: 730pm - 930pm

Sat: 9am - 11am

Sun: 9am - 11am


6897 4059  //  9068 8953                                                          enquiry@xmeducation.com


WEST: 151, Bukit Batok St 11, #03-252, S650151.               [Near Bukit Batok MRT]

EAST: 209, New Upper Changi Road, #04-641, S460209. [Near Bedok MRT]

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The Challenge With Scoring "A' For IP Physics

The Road To Doing Well In IP Physics


While there is no distinct difference in IP Physics & the O Level Physics syllabus, IP students go through a different experience with the subject as compared to mainstream O Level Physics students. IP students find themselves having to study Physics content, on a wider breadth & at a greater depth. They find themselves having to tackle more challenging questions in their homework, tests & exams, as they progress through the subject.

Generally, IP students are perceived to excel academically, gaining direct admission to JC or IB Level without the need to sit through mainstream O Level exams. Yet, at the same time, IP academic standards are significantly higher & competition is stiffer for IP students, having to vie for the same excellent results in a highly specific niche. Scoring an ‘A’ becomes even more daunting & difficult than before.


That is why IP Physics students [the equivalent of Sec 3 - 4] usually learn more, beyond the scope of mainstream Sec 3 – 4 O Level Physics syllabus content. They are taught & tested on IP Physics syllabus content at a more in-depth dimension at a wider breadth, & during the exams, IP students face additionally demanding & challenging questions (including calculations) that stretch them way beyond their limits, and over mainstream O Level Physics syllabus.

IP students who do not fare as well especially in their end-of-year exams will need help soonest because as they move on to A Levels & IB Level, content syllabus will only get even more advanced & complex & these students will face huge difficulties transiting into & coping with academic requirements, demands & expectations.


When students do not fare well & do not receive the right kind of help, it is only too easy for them to lose motivation & land themselves into a downward spiral, lose interest in the subject & subsequently not fare well academically. This limits future options & affect their chances to enter desired universities & beyond.

Hence IP students need to be equipped with critical skills to help them grasp IP Physics concepts quickly, achieve in-depth understanding of concepts, versatile, adept application of concepts & tackle the IP Physics exams with confidence & precision. Scoring an ‘A’, especially for Physics, opens up numerous possibilities for IP students, as they progress along their academic journey.


Preparation for IP Physics is easy when you have the right help & the right academic tools. At Physics Academy, our Sec 3 – 4 Physics Tuition materials are carefully crafted, structured & designed to cater to both mainstream O Level Physics students & IP Physics students. With our unique teaching methodology, students will strengthen their foundation, build their confidence, develop analytical skills & appreciate Physics in daily life. Subsequently, this would enable them to achieve in-depth mastery of the subject & subsequently score that well-deserved ‘A’ grade in O Level & IP Physics.

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