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Founded in 2016 by Ex-MOE lecturer & Award winning Chemistry Tutor Dr. Aw Junxin and Bryan Lai, the Chemistry Academy specializes in Chemistry Tuition for JC, IB, IP & O Level Secondary school students.

The academy focuses on simplifying complicated and challenging to memorize concepts to step-by-step “bite size” level for students across whole level. Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for students facing challenges in chemistry and through our rapid and simplified learning methodology to immediately gain mastery of the core topic the students faced.

A/B Grades Produced
A/B Grades for A level
A1/A2 Grades for O Level

Singapore Best Chemistry Tutors & Education Specialists

All tutors in the Academy possess with a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience and with distinction obtained in the subjects that they are teaching. In addition, our contents are consistently revised in ensuring the contents that are taught in class and keywords as per required by the board of Cambridge examinations remains relevant and updated.

                                                                                                                                                                        Our tutors within the academy has always been looked up upon by parents and students as being “extraordinary” and some even see us life coaches who have successfully transformed numerous student’s life from nothing to something, from unmotivated to motivated and from U to A grade in their respective subjects.

Transformed over 500 students struggling A level/O Level/ IB/ IP students to Distinctions within 3-9months

Today, the Chemistry Academy continues to evolve, develop and refine their teaching pedagogy so as to further simplify and deliver the contents to their students. Seats in the academy is limited so sign up now!

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Our Expertise

  • Correct and refine the common misconception in an early stage

  • Simplified concepts to easy “bite size” level

  • Mastery of the topic through 3 different levels of practices: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Keywords mastery with Chemistry Cheat Sheets

  • Stretch students to H3/Olympaid level

  • Personalized Learning with our “Professor Chemistry” case

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